Remembering a Pioneer

This issue of the ECHO is being dedicated to Louis Holowaychuk, to mark this week’s 10th anniversary of his passing. He was a leader to many in the print industry and helped make it vibrant for so many people.
Many of the young employees he took under his wing and taught the trade to have gone on to great careers with many different companies in Kamloops, the province of BC and outside of Canada. Call him a pioneer who taught us what living for today is all about.
From a personal perspective, growing up as his son, I learned how hard you have to work to make things happen. It was a by-product of the times, he and his wife Diana (my mom) packed up their old yellow school bus with two young boys and headed west. Louis moved his young family to Kamloops in 1972 from St. Paul, Alberta to start a printing company, Kamloops Commercial Press. It was at a time when print shops were relatively unique, very different from today where you have computers and fancy layout tools and machines. It was true “honest to the bone” hard work. He would pound through the day to day challenges for 32 years, working side by side with my mom. My brothers and I grew up in the print shop, emptying garbage’s, sweeping floors and eventually working right alongside both of our parents, learning the ropes.
Dad’s generosity in the community with service groups and clubs was a foundation in his business model, something he taught me early on. He met and worked with so many great people with the Rotary Club of Kamloops Daybreak, becoming a winner of the Paul Harris award, as well as a lifetime member. He was also involved in the first ever BC Winter Games in Kamloops.
Lou, as friends would affectionately call him, had a direct link that few people knew about with the Kamloops Blazers brain trust. Bob Brown and Ken Hitchcock were at the helm, and both men, like dad and our family hailed from the Edmonton area where the pipeline to great Blazer teams began with the likes of Rob Brown and Greg Hawgood.
Lou and Kamloops Commercial Press handled the team printing and during some challenging financial times for the hockey club, there were several years when KCP carried the hockey club to help pay the bills.
He also found time to get his kids and employees involved in the sports scene. I remember our old KCP Ball Bangers in the late Interior Men`s Slo-Pitch League. They were never the best, but prided themselves on having the best time!!
It serves us well to remember a pioneer like Louis Holowaychuk on the 10th anniversary of his passing. He was one Great man and the best dad you could ask for.
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