Beware the Hypocrite

Hypocrisy: “The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behaviour does not conform; pretense.”
Those who know me well are quite aware of two traits that I generally despise. Cheapness and Hypocrisy. The lesser of the two would be cheapness. The fact is that some folks are tight wads whether they need to be or not. As a young lad, I grew up in poverty, but somehow my mother always found a way to share holiday baking with elderly neighbours. One of my mother’s favourite sayings was “if you’re feeling sorry for yourself, turn a circle.” Thanks mom. Frankly, if I ever take you out for coffee, it’s a safe bet that I’ll insist on paying. But hypocrisy which doubles for insincerity, falseness and deceit really gets under my craw. With that in mind, I’m starting to train now for what will most assuredly be non stop eye rolls. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls … municipal election season is just around the corner and the B.S. meter is no doubt in for a workout. Hypocrisy of course comes in many forms and flavours but sadly in the world of politics, phoney baloney is frequent.
On October 20th, Kamloops voters will decide whether our city council of the past four years deserves a second chance to get things right. n municipal politics, those seeking re-election have an unfair advantage. At the civic level, name recognition is everything because more times than not, the uninformed voter will simply put the “X” beside a name he or she might recognize. Not smart. I am urging you all to actually give a damn and do some homework on these would be keepers of the public purse. Two and possibly three councillors aren’t seeking re-election and with Kamloops growing like rarely before, the policies at city hall will be critical for the future. Investigate the records of those seeking your support. Is a profanity laced e-mail the best representation of Canada’s Tournament Capital? Or how about a tweet supporting B.C. separation? Most recently of course, council’s quirky quintette decided to branch out and use their civic platform as a soap box for Proportional Representation. Maybe all of that is okay for you and that’s your choice. But please, do your homework and be an informed voter.
Political hypocrisy is of course a demonstration sport on several levels. B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver is another prime example. In a Vancouver radio editorial comment last week, my good friend Bill Good rightfully posed and answered this question: What has Mr. Weaver and his band of Greens accomplished? Not much according to Bill as he referred to Weaver’s blind support of the Horgan government’s failure to stop the Trans Mountain pipeline project, the Site C hydroelectric venture and L.N.G.
However this week’s “Milli Vanilli” political hypocrisy award has to go to a man who came within an eyelash of becoming B.C.’s Liberal leader. This policy line comes straight from the leadership platform of Michael Lee and is still posted online for all to see. “I am a fiscal conservative. I believe in balanced budgets.” The political B.S. meter just overheated! For this is the same Michael Lee who blatantly ignored the Liberal’s leadership campaign expense guidelines and overspent by $375,000.00! And to keep rubbing salt in the wound, Mr. Lee who obviously still envisions himself as leader someday has further pissed off Liberals by holding fund raising dinners to clear his debt while the Liberal party as a whole struggles to raise funds. Furthermore, Michael Lee’s political gall was on display when the Liberal Attorney General critic refused to comment on the German report detailing money laundering in the B.C. casino system. In fact the day the damning report came out, Liberals in Victoria witnessed the “Lee flee” as he suddenly made himself unavailable to attend a party media briefing to answer the German report’s findings.
Leaders lead and hypocrites are hypocrites.
Remember, as always, I welcome your feedback.