A little Bit About CAP Team Stats

A day in the life of a CAP Team member is not your typical 9-5pm affair. It is important to multi-task, pay attention to your surroundings, and prioritize. With five total CAP Team members over the summer thus far, we always have a lot to do over the course of a shift. Throughout the day we document nearly everything we do and report it to various agencies such as the RCMP, By-Law Services, the City of Kamloops, and ASK Wellness. These statistics can range from how many times we phone RCMP/By-Law to how many business visits or deliveries we do. No two days are the same! Today, we thought we could share a brief look at three primary statistics that we collect every day.

While we enjoy our bike patrols that occur in the spring and summer time, the CAP Team is primarily on foot. We patrol from 1st to 10th Avenue and from Columbia Street down to the river. This summer the team also expanded to cover the North Shore of the city. We complete many different tasks during an eight-hour day and in July of 2018 alone the CAP Team walked a total of 300.68 kilometers which is nearly the distance to Nanaimo!

We also collect data for statistics when taking down posters which were not hung on proper City designated poles. These poles are black with a gold trim around the edges indicating their function. These poster specific poles are located throughout downtown from Columbia Street to Lansdowne. There are also put in high traffic areas so placing your poster there will not go un-noticed. In July, we removed five so it seems people have been utilizing the City poles properly.

The final statistic I’ll talk about is something we call “Tourism Assists”. We use tourism as a general term and include assisting locals visiting our downtown core. This stat includes whenever someone has a question for us, whether it be regarding directions or general wonderings about the team. The information is recording for us to best utilize our knowledge and make sure we hone our knowledge on popular subjects. In July, we assisted ninety-three people on the street!

These are just a small few of the stats we track on any given day. Hopefully, this has provided a bit of context as to what your favorite CAPpie might be up to day to day. Until next time, stay curious!

Written by, Jon George, Customer Care and Patrol (CAP) Team Member. The CAP Team is our Downtown Kamloops ambassador program. Reach us at 250-572-3008/3009 or the Customer Care – Info centre at 250-572-3017.